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We, at Kandidprints, are excited to announce our very latest product, the fabulous, fun and entertaining #iWall.

#iWall is a unique, must have, fully interactive digital art experience created live at your event.

Utilising the latest technology, guests can design and recreate graffiti art on a big screen, using realistic spray cans. Wherever the can is sprayed the guest applies virtual paint to #iWall, instantly becoming an electronic Banksy.
What else can #iWall do?

Photo Mode:-

Allows your guests to create the “new you” with Photo Mode.

The #iWall operator takes a photo which immediately appears on #iWall. Then using free hand graffiti, stamps and stencils guests create their own digital portraits, transforming their image into a veritable Rembrandt or Picasso masterpiece.

#iWall’s hashtag feature adds a new element. Guests send their own “selfie” images via Twitter or Instagram using a customised event or promotional hashtag. #iWall monitors for the hashtag and loads the guest’s photos into #iWall for them to apply their own artwork.

In everything we do, we want to build a wonderful experience for the guests to share on social channels and also to give them something tangible to take away as a souvenir of the event. #iWall is equipped with the latest dye sublimation printer, allowing every guest using #iWall  to take away a print of their artwork. Each print can be branded with a customised overlay.


All digital print copies saved to #iWall will be supplied on a memory stick to our client within 14 days. We can also provide guest books, online gallery and/or a second set of prints as a valuable record of the day.

For further information or to discuss the potential hire of #iWall, please call 07829 741271 or email  info@kandidprints.com.