Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon 2016
We do not cover the Fun Run as it is a JEP sponsored event and their own photographers provide the coverage.

The gallery is split into individual events :- Relay and Marathon, each individual gallery is also sorted into run numbers to help you find hopefully what you are looking for.

You can search for a specific run number, please note for numbers below 10 enter 000# (i.e 0001) numbers below 100 enter 00## (i.e. 0050)

We have endeavoured to capture a shot of each full marathon runner, either on the finish line or out on the course, inevitably one or two maybe missed and we apologise if this has happened.

Where we haven't been able to identify a runner by their run number or there are a group of runners in the image, we have put these images in their own gallery under miscellaneous, to search for these enter MISC

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